Average actions provide average returns. It may sound obvious but people don't consider the second-order effects of their actions. If you want to achieve great things, take great actions. Outliers are found in the extremes, take the bell curve for example. 100% of points are found under the curve. 68% of the points fall into one standard deviation. 95% of the points fall within two standard deviations. 99.7% of points fall within three standard deviations from the mean.

If you are doing what everyone else is, is it any wonder why you are getting average results? Markets mostly operate in the opposite way. Finding an edge, a competitive advantage, requires doing something different, something extreme. Some businesses do it via information, some do it via their technology and other innovations. Individuals can do the same thing, by not reading or watching or listening to what everyone else is. I'm convinced the “hustle porn” is only motivating and attractive to individuals because they are seeing someone do something extreme. If everyone was working hard, the bar would be raised even higher.

So focus on the extremes. People are attracted to interesting people, not average people. But something intriguing about that is how you can garner a large following by appealing to the masses, often what celebrities do. But that is a sort-of meta game that few people do, hence it is an outlier, hence why it works.

Remove yourself from the competition, it is the easiest way to win. Far too many people discount their inherently abilities and chase something else. Nobody can be you as well as you can. Companies that succeed have monopolies on the areas they operate in. But they are not traditional monopolies, those that merely price gouge consumers and control supply. They take over a corner of the market that few people are targeting (outliers) and they take it to the extreme. It's no wonder why they succeed. Then they retain a consumer-driven monopoly. The consumers can leave but they don't (Amazon is a great example). The rest of the bunch is stuck competing away for scraps.

Unfortunately it's in our human nature to function within groups, to do what others are doing. But that was essential for survival. Nowadays it is a leftover trait from a time long past. Those who step outside the group and do their own thing will find success quicker than those who remain in the group. The best part is you'll find yourself happier outside it, doing your own thing. You're free to do as you please, following what interests you. Taking the road less traveled is certainly more dangerous, but there is no reward without risk.