People should strive to produce more than they consume. But to get the attention of thousands or millions of people requires either an extraordinary feat or consistent efforts. People struggle with either of these options. Some people don't have what it takes to produce extraordinary works, to dedicate copious amounts of a time to creating a work of art the world has never seen before. David Blaine is a modern example of this. He's dedicated his life to magic and extraordinary feats so when he attempts something people watch. The other side is unable to produce consistently unless they have eyes on them already. They rely on social validation for production. These people are not seen so there are few examples. Rest assured they are out there. They make up the mass of users on the internet.

These people will start a new blog, start making YouTube videos, start a business, etc. and continue with it for a while. But if they don't gain traction by the time their honeymoon phase of the new venture wears off, they stop working on it. This leads them to pursuing another venture and the cycle eventually repeats itself. What they don't realize is that great things start slowly. People shout into the void until fellow travelers eventually stop to chat. To achieve success you need to make yourself happy by shouting into the void. Don't be bothered if no one stops for a long while. It's just a single-player game. Do not produce because you seek external validation, produce because you love to produce.

Mentioned earlier is the notion that appealing to masses gets you attention. This is still true. Some people act the jester to appeal the king. The king will reward the jester if he is entertained, but can the jester go on like this? The jester was initially chosen for his unique talents, but he is still an animal. He can be conditioned by rewarding stimuli. If the king likes a certain dance, he will dance that dance more often. Eventually he will lose himself to the ideals the king has for him.

What you need to realize is people are attracted via appeals to emotion. It's why people watch WWE although it's fake. We can't help but follow a strong story that impacts our emotions. So the more emotionally active we can make someone, the more they will think about us. To obtain success requires being front of mind in your customers. To be front of mind you must produce constantly, often targeting customer emotions. The old saying “There's no such thing as bad publicity” is true. Any publicity gets attention of yourself onto the consumer. Would you rather have them know you exist and they have strong feelings towards you, one way or the other, or have them not know you exist at all?