Systems are not set up correctly, at least most of the time. Humans are biased. People in charge of systems will set them up in a way that benefits them, while also helping others. But nobody sets up a system detrimental to themselves. Unfortunately it's just human nature. People are left behind, unable to fulfill their potentials.

The endogenous personality is someone who is inner motivated, highly intelligent, and highly creative. These people are indifferent to social norms, that's what makes them special. They are able to think outside of the box, creating innovative new things that benefit society.

The exogenous is the opposite. They are oriented towards the social environment and chase status. These people align their behaviors with group norms.

Where the problem arises is exogenous people by nature function in groups, while the endogenous person functions as an individual. Systems are created by groups, for groups. Bureaucracy runs these systems, notably academia. They are filled with exogenous personalities, with a few endogenous personalities sprinkled in.

Bureaucracy HR filled with exogenous personalities select for other exogenous personalities because those people are most similar to themselves. The bureaucracy does not want to be replaced by a potentially better system so it self-perpetuates by hiring more people who work well in bureaucracies. A school selects for students with the best grades. But the best grades don't necessarily mean the most intelligent students. They are the best at completing assignments and taking tests, but is that what really matters? But, real change comes from outside bureaucracies, from endogenous individuals who are the people the bureaucracy doesn't want to select.

When selecting members of your friend group do you choose those similar to yourself, with similar personalities, or those who are completely different? It's human nature to select those similar to yourself. But where we've gone wrong is ignoring the potential benefits those different from us can offer. The endogenous personality is powerful because it doesn't conform to social ideals. It looks at problems from a completely different prospective. The greatest inventors and scientists throughout history have been endogenous personalities. They are those making large changes to the society that selects against them.

A game or a simulation will never be an accurate representation of reality because of its creators. Its creators are biased, even if they try to be unbiased. So ultimately the best way to win the game is to play it the way the creators of the game think is the best way. But the method they've chosen as a winner has never been played against the outside world.

Google Search functions the same way. To be at the top of Google search results you need to figure out what Google selects for and do those things. But nobody considers that what parameters Google selects for aren't actually the most helpful and yield the best search results. Notice how when you search for help guides the top five results say roughly the same thing and provide little to no substance while the most informative guides are hidden many pages down.

But we must not lose hope, those nuggets of gold get found because of their quality. Word of mouth is more powerful than an easily manipulated search algorithm.