The macro cannot succeed without the micro, but the macro pulls a majority of the weight. Think of the Pareto Distribution. 80% of the outcomes are due to 20% of causes. The macro is that 20%. The micro makes up the other 80% which creates the other 20% of outcomes.

Self-improvement, growth hacking, most dieting, and minutia of hobbies get people absorbed into them. But they don't really have an effect. The same concept applies to making money. Cutting out a $5 coffee every day will save you $1825 per year but it will never make you rich. Increasing your income from $3,000 per month to $6,000 per month will impact your life noticeably.

The simplest solution is often the right one. All growth hacking tips can be dismissed by simply making a better product, one that people want. Getting fit doesn't require specific secrets and routines, it just requires you to do strenuous physical activity every day, preferably one you enjoy. Tips for “game” (talking to women/men) are irrelevant when you simply act like yourself.

People are ignoring the big movers in favor of small movers, probably because they're afraid to get started with the big movers. Big movers will not pay off immediately, at least most of the time. Delayed gratification is a hard thing for most to overcome. A lot of people struggle with overthinking, thinking they will never be ready to undertake something. This leads to a feedback loop of constantly searching for the final thing, “If only I knew this, then I would do xyz!”.

This isn't to say the little details aren't important. They are, they just don't have as big of an impact on you as you think they should. The macro is inherently made up of the micro, and vice versa. Getting fit requires taking action every day, micro level things. But over the course of a year, the macro is what you will look at. You don't track your progress daily, you track it monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

What it comes down to are the things that you focus on. Are you going to spend most of your energy on things that don't matter? The trouble is, people don't know how to discern between what matters and what doesn't. When in doubt, choose the simplest solution.