There once was a boy born outside the castle walls who wanted to someday see inside. He was born into a poor family in a nearby village. His parents did not want him to work for the king, since the king taxes them heavily and enacts strict ruling upon them. But this boy was particularly ambitious. He was determined to know what it was like to be a member of the ruling class.

He continued through his schooling and worked dutifully alongside his parents in the evenings. He was willing to start at the lowest level and work his way up.

Rumor had it that you start as a groundskeeper and work your way up to gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is in closest contact with the ruling class. He opens and closes the doors when they leave and enter the castle. The gatekeeper position requires a lot of loyalty to the king and extreme levels of trustworthiness.

Whenever poor folk would arrive at the gates, begging for food, the boy, now grown into a man, would turn them down. They would wail and turn back to start their descent to the small huts they lived in. Citizens were getting thin as the rough winter approached. Each night the king made the gatekeeper light a lantern on either side of the door. The gatekeeper stood dutifully and kept watch.

This routine continued for many years. The gatekeeper was hopeful that one day his dreams would be fulfilled and he would be allowed within the castle walls. He would become a member of the ruling class, he hoped. He could pull his parents out of poverty and let them know their biases about the king were wrong. That the king was indeed a nice person.

One day the gatekeepers parents arrived at the gate, determined to see the king because their house had been raided by other starving citizens. They wanted these citizens to be punished for their actions. They made a large commotion in front of their son, the gatekeeper.

They were so loud that eventually the king himself came upon the castle walls and looked down to see the commotion.

Realizing that this could be his chance to prove his loyalty to the king, the gatekeeper forcefully turned his parents away. They stared at their son in shock. How could their child allow these crimes to go unpunished? Did blood not mean anything to him?

Still they would not turn away. The gatekeeper bared his weapon, pointing it at his parents. The parents faces rose in shock. His mother burst into tears. Slowly, the couple turned away from their son and made the descent back to their looted home.

Once they were firmly in the distance the gatekeeper looked upon the walls and saw the king looking down at him.

“Nice job boy.” the king said. He turned away from the wall, leaving the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper does not get to go through the gate.