Traditions outlive randomness. Time is ultimately the greatest factor in what stays relevant and what dies out. This is known as the “Lindy Effect” as coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. What the effect refers to is ideas or things that survive the test of time are therefore projected to survive even longer in the future. If they have already survived so much why would they die out now?

What these things are outliving is randomness. An earthquake, a tornado, a new regime, a new religion. If the way people operate remains the same throughout these factors, it is bound to remain the same long into the future. It's why many people, including myself, recommend reading old books that have stood the test of time. Books written nowadays are irrelevant within a few years. They are rehashing old information. You should read the primary source, books from hundreds, if not thousands of years ago.

Tradition is listening to your grandma's wisdom instead of a random journalist. Tradition is rooted in experience and longevity. If something worked for your great great grandfather, why wouldn't it work for you?

But that isn't to say that traditions don't subtly change. Communication could be regarded as a tradition. People throughout history have communicated with each other. There were carrier pigeons, horse delivery, postal services, and now email has taken over. I'm sure email will last long into the future until something else replaces its role as deliverer of messages.

So what we want to do is subject ourselves and our ideas to a lot of randomness. It doesn't necessarily have to be something extreme but it needs to be something you didn't initially think of. If you build a phone that can within stand a 5 foot drop, can it also withstand a completely unrelated event? What you, extensions of you, and your ideas need to be subjected to cannot be accounted for when developing yourself and your beliefs.

That ties in well with what I've already said about risk-taking. You never really know what you're up against or going into until you're actually doing it. Read all you want about travelling to China, but you'll never know what it's actually like until you go there.

Feels like this was all over the place but I hope you get the gist. Final point: Tradition exists for a reason. It works.